10 Reasons To Partner

10 Reasons To Partner

We have firm values and stand behind you.  We believe a company’s way of doing business should impact its industry, the lives of its clients, and the wellbeing of its community. Serving everyone involved with integrity, keeping the patient’s care first and foremost while getting the assignment completed is our standard.

 A Company You Can Be Proud Of. Cure Healthcare was created by professionals for professionals with the mindset of core highly held values, not just profit. So, we built a culture where the most important thing is doing the right thing. In this age of Nursing, facilities and patients need a caregiver they can trust and depend upon.

A Reliable Team.  Providing a primary contacts for every Nurs, our company culture provides the structure to assist you every step of the way. Helping you build stronger connections with both the corporate office and the facilities we service, we are hands-on people with a laser focus on helping you grow.

We Are Here to Make You Look Great.  Reputation is everything and we want yours to be the best and associated with the best. We understand you want to associate with a well-respected company. That’s why we’re committed to having the most professional image in the industry.

Facility Assignments You Can Trust.  In addition to being a Joint Commission Certified Agency, we have also cultivated strong relationships with thousands of caregivers and facilities. We are committed to providing the highest paid, quality caregivers, simply because that’s how the healthcare industry should be approached.

A Process That Is Simplified.  We know nursing is complex, so we try to simplify things for you whenever possible. By de-mystifying the staffing and on-boarding process while empowering our nurses, we’ve found the experience leads to more happy referrals than just about anything. Our nurses love it and you will too.

A Company That Has You Protected.  You can rest assured knowing we’ve got Compliance, Licensing, and Legal covered for you. Our Compliance Team works “behind the scenes,” causing minimal interruption to your day. Our Licensing Department focuses on your license status, so you don’t have to. And our Legal Team takes the high-road, ensuring our brand is synonymous with “Integrity.” These are things that keep our reputation and yours at the highest levels. You will know that we only staff the best nurses and want you to be with the best too.

Experts At Getting The Job Done.  We believe that your experience with us hinges on your on-boarding experience, the pay you receive and the service we deliver. So, we staff and operate our teams in such a way that we can consistently maintain 24/7 support times the back-end support you can depend on. We are always here for you.

You Are Part of a Larger Team. There will never be a nurse that feels they are on an island all alone. Our entire company is built around bringing you in and making you feel a part of something bigger, better, stronger. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about staffing, it’s about people and we will never forget that.

We have Integrity and Strong Values. We believe in doing the right thing no matter how difficult it can be and will always stand beside you.